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Alpha's FAL Article File

The following is a list of Alpha articles on the FAL rifle. Many different members of Alpha produced these articles and I felt they needed to be in one folder because the information they cover is so varied. Also I for one like to have all the good stuff about a subject in one spot so I donít have to wander around looking for it. There are many FALís out there and we felt we needed to supply pertinent information to those who might need it. Below you will find links to several articles we generated and felt would be useful as resources.

A brief history of the rifle.

A short overview of this fine weapon


FAL Controls shown and explained with field stripping and caveats. A good article on how to make the rifle safe should you not own one and happen to come across one in the field (or on the street).

Operators Manual

The Argentine users pamphlet that came with the FM-LSR (Argentinaís FAL) I got in 1989. Donít worry itís in English.

Exploded Drawing and Parts List

A drawing of the metric FAL along with the parts list

Field stripping the FAL

How to field strip the rifle and perform routine cleaning

Detail Stripping the Upper Receiver group.

A discussion on how to disassemble the "top" of the rifle. It takes up where fieldstripping left off.

Detail Stripping the Lower Receiver Group

A discussion on how to disassemble the "bottom" of the rifle. It takes up where fieldstripping left off.

Nato Battle Rifles

A Side by side comparison of three main battle rifles, the FAL, The M1A, and H&K 91.

FAL Variations

A Guide to the current United States manufacturers of "American" FALís UPDATED for this compilation due to changes in products.

FAL Last Shot Hold Open Mod

An article on changing what the British did to their Inch Pattern Rifles. It may apply to your rifle.

Do It Yourself Buttstock removal tool

One built by a Rubicon member and a link to an easier way.


Other sites on the net that have FAL related content


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