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Reading about Preparedness is one thing, but actually DOING it is another. That's how we learn...by DOING. This area is dedicated to the true Preparedness minded folks that aren't content to simply read about it, but actually get out there and practice what they have learned or actually USE what they have learned in a bad situation. These are their stories:

(MANY more "Real Survival Stories" are in the Rubicon Area)


Preparedness Growing Pains
By: Trommler

Wrecked: A Night In The Ditch
By: John1lt

My Get-Home (Car Bag) Story
It Almost Got Put to the Test!
By: Vikis

Pandemic Flu in a Small Town:
Western Pennsylvania in 1918-1920
By: Gottin_Himmel

The Ultimate American Survival Manual:
Getting Out of Andersonville Alive
By: Gottin_Himmel

Zen and the Art of Finding Employment
By: Gottin_Himmel

After Disaster Has Gone Away
By: Gottin_Himmel

Trials of a Probie
Or... Why Prior Planning is a Good Thing
By: GamblingGuy

Working a Mass Casualty Incident
By: Leslie

Serenity Prepping
By: Island Girl

Hurricane Irene Aboard a Tiny Ship
After Action Report
By: Gottin_Himmel

Preparing For A Long, Multimodal Trip
By: Roto

How We Prepare For Severe Weather
(And The "Grid Down" Aftermath)
By: Tiaki-002

A Simplified Lifestyle Test
What Crazy People Do in Their Spare Time...
By: dog8dog

My Bug Home Cache Experience
By: Thoth8

When The Furnace Dies
By: sasquatch

7.3 Earthquake Experience
By: NightHiker

Some thoughts & reminders for 2011
By: CountryLady

Argentine Revolution and Middle Class Destruction
By: Needleman

Hurricane Ivan - A Feeling of Total Helplessness
By: RedDon

Focus Reminder
By: Resqtech

Why Training Is So Important
By: R-squared

Hawaiian Tsunami Saturday
By: Stormhunter

By: Alasken

My War With Bugs
By: DarkLaw

Earthquake in Hawaii
Motivation For Preparing
By: MrsToad

Tower Rescue: When Things Go Bad
By: Jaden

'Prepped' Is Not PREPPED
By: BigStick

My Great Grandfather's Great Depression FNV
By: Helimech

Camping, hiking, climbing, backpacking, Alone
By: Tonys

Professional Fireworks Up Close & Personal
Greenville, SC
By: Jaden

Bird Attack At 120 Feet Up
Nowhere To Go
By: Jaden

Catastrophic Tire Failure
Notes From The Nurse
By: Aricrn

When I was a young man
By: Terry

Poor Planning
By: Terry

Odyssey through the Monsoon
By: Gordonnach

Walking Home
By: Joe

Donít take the basics for granted
By: electraglide4me

Personal Loss
By: nuckingfutz

A Sunny Afternoon Drive
By: Haystack

First Trip to the Ocean
By: enok45

A New Family
By: Streak

Learning to Pay Attention to Detail
By: Moonshadow

Dive Safe
By: Robard

Where is your backstop?
By: GreyLocke

Hunting Camp
By: enok45

When The Motor Quit
By: Jaden

The Unforeseen Benefits to Storing Food
By: ThePiedPiper

Finger Cut
By: Pooch

The hike - tales from an asthmatic high altitude junkie
By: Ajax

Just A Little Ice
By: TrainedMonkey

Surviving the Na Pali Coast
By: Fairplay

Confessions of a Reformed Sheeple
By: Lousiana-Mom

It Can Happen Here
By: emict

Rattle Snake
By: Warlord

The Fire
By: David

Following The Four Rís
By: Kachina

Attention To Detail
By: Jaden

My First Month In The Rubicon
By: Roadgrime

Slammed From The Scout Meeting
By: Concolor44

Solo in Hell's Canyon
By: SlimJim

Explosion at The Synthron Plant
By: Raine

Siberian Prisoner Of War
By: Aricrn

Daddy Daughter Date
By: Redlake3

Surviving Hurricane Rita
By: MoonMist

Mountain Spirits
By: RustyKnife

Even More Hurricane Isabel Lessons
By: Spitfire

A Shooting at Arbyís
By: Hayseed

True Assault Stories
What Happens During An Actual Physical Assault?
By: OhCanada

September 20th, 2002
By: Hayseed

Everything's Jammed
By: Aricrn

My grandfatherís flag
By: Hayseed

Feets Don't Fail Me Now
By: SkyJump

By: Rawhide

Young & Stupid
By: Jaden

A Quiet Spot of Fishing
By: Sasquatch

What A Rush
By: Chief

You don't beat this river
By: Ajax

I Fell Once
By: Warlord

Why I wear My Seatbelts!
By: PaleHorse

By: AFarmer

NOW I Can Be Scared
By: Warlord

It May Not Be What you Think
By: TwoBravo

Dang Near A Fatal Error
By: LabLover

Every Situation Is Different
By: Ajax

Gotta Get a Bigger Gun
By: Tailgunner

Hurricane Andrew: Ferocious, Ridiculous, Sublime
By: ThePiedPiper

A Problem While Dipnetting Salmon
By: Tailgunner

By: Country Lady

Kansas Blizzard!
By: NightWorker

By: Blizzard & Kosh

The Deer Hunt
By: Reddog

By: ZombieAxe

Kitchen Fire
By: Jaden

Packing With Scouts
By: Fred Heiser

The End Of My Innocence
By: Mamabear

Tar Creek Adventure
By: Fred Heiser

Mountain Training
By: Garry

Working A WildFire
By: Californian

Fishing For Trouble
By: Wingnutt

Stainless Steel Box
By: GrayStone

Survival on Mt. Whitney
By: Skip

By: Reddog

Badgers Big Adventure
By: Badger

Turkey Thigh Story
By: Serger

By: Sitkastan

Ice Storm
By: Eli

A little Foreshadowing
By: Ajax

Please Learn CPR
By: Eli

Unprdictable Evening
By: Eli

By: Reddog

By: Kingpin

Surviving Hurricane Hugo
By: Wab

Too Fat To Run
By: Bluster
(Reposted by request)

Illogic Pays Off
By: Relic

Don't Leave Home Without It
By: Serger

Thinking Out Of The Box
By: Warlord

A little Wind
By: Powder Dry

Beyond Fear
By: Myrtlemaye


Survival Fiction:

Small Town USA
By: Palehorse
Part 1, Chapters 1-2


When Autumn Leaves Fall
By: Andrew Zarowny
Another Shareware Survival Story

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