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Latest Articles:

Sword-fighting For Fun and Profit
Part II of a Series
By: gvi

Swords - Why Not, And Also Why
Part I of a Series
By: gvi


and Tactics

AN/PSR-1 & 1A Seismic Intrusion Photo Comparison
By: TexasOK

Scenarios for Home Tactical SOPs
By: TooshieGalore

Backpack Rifle Case Hybrid
By: Smitty

Cheap Security Options
By: Ragnar

Making a Molded Holster for a Revolver
By: Grundy

Blackout Curtains
Purpose and Application of Blackout Curtains
By: Centurion

Laser Bore Sighting
By: Fireman

Security Lanyard
By: Pyrotech

Small Space/Apartment Reloading Bench
By: Thoth8

Swing Target
By: Pistolshooter

The Mini Bench
(Reload Anywhere)
By: Warlord

The Pistol Belt
By: Tengu

Changing the Flash Hider on an AR style rifle
By: Lou832

AR Extractor Spring Replacement
By: Lou832

Curio and Relic FFL
By: WB

M16 Magazine Fix

A Better Range Ammo Box
By: BigStick

Beltless Concealment Holsters
By: CJ

A Fire Inside
Notes from the Nurse
By: Aricrn

Starting Down The Reloading Trail
Get Smart, Reload
By: Helimech

Testing Some Real Ballistic Material
My Job Has its Moments
By: Helimech

Perfect Custom Powder Scoop
By: Thoth8 & Sekhmet

By: Kitka

Knife vs. Entrenching Tool
A real life survival story
By: gordonnach

Party Popper Tripwire Alarm
By: Palendrome

Guns, Gear, Training, Mindset
By: Raider1

223/5.56 Bullet Storage
By: Smitty

The CCW Training Binder
By: Helimech

Once you've bought your first handgun
By: Brian

Beginner shooting tips and tricks
By: Brian

Smith & Wesson M&P 9
By: Brian

Buying your first handgun
By: Brian

Leatherman's Secret Compartments
By: Twoshotc

Powder Coating
By: ixupi

A Firearms Beginner Takes CCW and Lives to Tell the Tale
By: Auctoritas

Buying Surplus Body Armor
By: Penwu

How to Choose A Good Martial Arts School
By: Shorinmonk

Review of the Kel-Tec PF9 9mm Single Stack Pocket Pistol
By: Riverside

Cold Steel SRK
By: wvamedic

Casting Lead Bullets
By: SlimJim

Ruger 10/22 Side swivel sling attachment
By: Redlake3

Putting a Lasting Finish on Your Firearms
By: Callahan318

Lever Action Speed-loader
By: SlimJim

South African Pattern 70 LBE for FAL
By: Czechsix

"Fast-Draw" vs Proactive Defense
By: Goshin

Ghetto Fabulous Night Sights
By: Festus

Spray-paint Your Rifle
By: Arroyo

Your Ammunition: Practical Packaging
By: Defender

Putting Together a Prepared Firearms Collection
By: Tailgunner

Easy Modification to a Magazine Pouch
By: gvi

Putting Together a Prepared Firearms Collection (Chapter 1)
By: Tailgunner

Where's Your Weapon?
By: gvi

Sewless Drop Knife Sheath Carrier
By: OhCanada

The Ruger P97DC
By: Gogetemnow

Ruger MK II 10 to 12 Shot Magazine
By: Pike

By: Sasquatch

Dealing with law enforcement
By: Texan

Survival Rifles and Hunting
By: Tailgunner

Dissassemble The Ruger P89DC (Low Quality Real Player)
(Approx. 1.8 megs)

By: Warlord

Knife Sharpening 101
By: Murph

The Advantage Arms conversion kit for Glocks
By: MPBlue

PVC Target Holder
By: Centurion

Modified AK mag release
Red Star Arms Mag Release
By: KingCobra

FAL Extractor Tool
By: Serger

Going To Shooting School
By: Lawyerman

Maglight Fix 101
By: Sgt.Splatter

AK Extended Mag Release
By: Pike

Arms Cleaning Kit
By: Jaden

Leatherman Wave
By: Forester

Arms Safety
By: Stryder

How I carry 22 Rim Fire Bulk Ammo
By: Forester

Speedknife Part 2
By: Goshin

Warm the Handle of Cold Steel's Bushman Knife
By: Forester

ASP-type Baton Mods
By: Goshin

Ballistic Issues
By: NYC-M4

Attaching a Knife To ALICE
By: Jaden

The Carry Case
By: Forester

ALICE Pack Holster
By: Jaden

Glock Grip Reduction
By: Skip

Calling 911
By: StudentNurse

Modern Arms + Martial Arts
By: Goshin

Mounting a Scope on an SKS
By: GreyLocke

Utility Handguns
By: Tailgunner

Bug Juice Brass Cleaner
By: Serger

Installing an SKS 30 Round Detachable Mag
By: GreyLocke

House Clearing
By: Goshin

Jam Cure for the SKS
By: GreyLocke

Firearm Safety
By: Solothurn

Making a GunSafe
By: KingCobra


Basic Arms Safety
By: Jarhead
If you don't read anything else today, read this!

More Shooting Basics
By: Brian

Arms 101
By: Shooter

Arms and Ammo 101 (expanded)
By: Shooter

Cleaning Your Weps
By: Hawk

The basics of zeroing in a scope
By: Grunt

Concealment Holsters
and Special Rigs

By: Goshin

Army Document On Caching


Selecting a Survival Battery of Firearms
By: Sergeant

Choosing A Handgun
By: Levi

How to buy a Handgun #1
By: Rhino

How to buy a Handgun #2
By: Rhino

Firearms Parts List
By: Gadget

Selecting Riflescopes
By: Pointman

"The Choate Ultimate Sniper Stock"
By: Scott

Team Training:

Pistol Training
By: Tailgunner

What's a Gauge?
By: Sitkastan

Pace Counting
By: Katunk

The RIGHT NOW Guide To Self Defense
By: Swabbie

Review: Storm Mountain Training Center Basic Sniper Course
By: Gar

Basic Skills Tests

The Survival Test
By: Gadget

Range Estimation
By: Pointman

Recognition Signals
By: Stormhunter

Urban Invisibility
By: Goshin

Clearing Pistol Jams
By: Rook

Slide Projector Use In Training
By: Brian

Minimalist Camping Advice
By: The Rubicon Message Board

Expedition Canoeing Gear List
By: Watcher

Topo Map Question
By: Thug


More On Tactical Vests
By: Kingpin

The M-3 Tactical Illuminator
By: Bulldog6

Tactical Sling
By: GunnDan

Alice Pack Modifications
By: Taisch

Modification of the LC-1 Pack Frame For Use With LBE
By: Serger

Modified Pack Frame
By: SirJohn

The Swedish Ruck Revisited
By: Californian

BlackHawk LBV Mod
By: Goshin

More Angle-head Mods
By: Taisch

Home Made Brass Catcher
By: Wheels

Pace Counter Beads
By: DragonOne

Camo Test
By: Mr. F2

What To Wear
By: Powder Dry

Repair Kits
By: gk and others

Firearm Mods:

The 25 Cent Glock Trigger Job
By: Mr. Poyz

High Power Trigger Job
By: Jabbazz

K-VAR's AKU-94 Bullpup
Conversion Kit

By: Grunt

Painting a Sniper Rifle
By: Gar

Rifle Camouflage Suggestions
By: The Rubicon Main Message Board

10/22 Modification
By: Fixer

Poor Man’s Recoil Buffer
By: Akman

Baking Lacquer Finish
By: Motorman

Firearm Maintenance:

Cleaning The SKS
By: GreyLocke

Field Stripping The Star PD
By: Serger

The Ruger 10/22, Field Stripping the Trigger Assembly
By: Trigger

Arms Failures
Compiled By: Okie

Expedient Firearm Repair
By: Taurus

Emergency GunSmithing
By: Taurus

Survival Gunsmithing
By: Gadget

Cold Weather Arms Maintenance And Usage
By: Gypsy

Stock Utilization
By: The Rubicon Main Message Board

Long Term Ammo Storage
By: Birddog

Barrel Break-in Record Sheet
By: ReelDoc

Disassembly and Cleaning of the M-14/M1A
By: Grunt


Media Separator
By: Serger

An Intro To Reloading
By: Slayer

How To Reload
By: Pointman

Reloading Rifle Ammunition for Accuracy
By: Pointman

Reloading for the Precision Rifle
By: Mountain Cat

Reloading in the Field
By: Mongrelcat

Bullet Swaging
By: Sedd

AR-15 Match Loads
By: Al Miller


Reactive Targets
By: KingPin

PVC Projects for the Survivalist
By: Gadget

Target Stand
By: fixer

Frugal Range Equipment
By: Longshot


"gunz are better than Women/men
A little humor on an old subject



Black Powder Rifles
By: Unklebeau

Review Of Advantage Arms 22lr Conversion Kit For Glock Small Frame
By: Boceph00

By: Ironfox

Field Stripping a SIG Sauer 226
By: Boboroshi

Survival .22LR
By: Spike

Remington 870 Express Magnum Youth Model in 20 Ga
By: Warlord

Review of the Springfield Armory XD 40
By: Auflister_Geliebte

JLD PTR 91 After Action Report
By: MKH100

The M-14 Type Rifle
By: JYWolfe

Field Breakdown of Smith And Wesson 5906
By: PackRat

Field Stripping the AR-15
By: eXe

By: Festus

FAL Variant Parts (for legality)
By: serger

My ‘Go To’ Rem 700
By: gogetumnow

The Benelli Nova Shotgun
By: JonBot007

The Versatile Shotgun
By: Pace

The Kel-tec P32
By: Stryder

The Kel-Tec Sub2000
By: MpBlue

Speed Knife
By: Goshin

By: GM3

Ruger Mark II
By: Pike

Sig Saur P230 Takedown
By: Pike

Field Stripping The Bersa .380
By: eXe

Barreling the FAL variant
By: serger

M-69 Bolt Disassembly
By: serger

Loading & Unloading A Pump Shotgun
By: Eli

Cleaning a Pump Shotgun
By: Eli

FAL Receiver stub removal
By: serger

Suggested Calibers & Loads
By: Goshin

Cleaning a Pistol
By: Eli

Glock Pistols - An Overview
By: Goshin

Kahr Pistols
By: Goshin

Romanian M-69 .22 cal
By: JonBot007

Browning High Power
By: Kingpin

The Taurus Model 85 2’’-Barrel 5-Shot .38 Special Revolver
By: Kingpin


Tokarev 213
By: Serger

Ruger P-90
By: Eli

The Ruger P89
By: Warlord

The Glock
By: Brian

The Glock 21
By: Cosmo

Glock Pistols
By: Diver923

The Taurus 85CHSS
By: Serger

The Beretta 21a
By: Serger

The Beretta 92F (M9)
By: Shooter
(Photos by Warlord)

Kahr... When size DOES matter!
By: Shooter
(Photos by Warlord)

The Ruger P89
By: Jonbot007

The 1911
By: Brian

1911 Care
By: Winchester

Bersa Thunder 380
By: JonBot007

CZ-52 Pistol
By: Serger

Pistolet Makarova or Makarov
By: Serger

Domestic Firearms:

The Remington PSS 700 in .308
By: Pike

The M1 Carbine
By: Serger

ALL about the Browning HiPower
By: Serger

22 Cal Rifles For Survival
By: TailGunner

M-14 Type Rifles
By: Different

The Marlin Camp-9 Carbine
By: Warlord

The Ruger 10/22
By: Trigger

Useless Arms
By: Buckshot

America's Black Rifle
By: Shooter

Black Powder
By: Winchester

Vintage Rifles
By: Bob

Lever Action Rifles for Survival
By: Tailgunner

More Lever Actions
By: JonBot007

Bolt Action Rifles
By: Hawk

The Ruger 10-22
By: Hawk

Ballistics for Winchester 30-06

The 12 Gauge Shotgun
By: JonBot007

The Mossberg 500 Series
By: Hawk

The Remington 870
By: Hawk

The Remington 870
By: Brian

John Garand's boys
By: Hawk

The M-1 Carbine
By: Rudy

The M-6 Survival Rifle
By: Blade065

M14 Maunz
Question and Answers

"Some problems with the Armalite M15A4 Carbine."
By: Jim

M-16/AR-15 Magazine Buyer's Guide
By: MrF2

AR 15's for serious use
By: Forest


History of the FAL
By: Serger

FAL Articles
By: Serger

FAL Links
By: Serger

By: Hawk

Buying a FAL Variant Update
By: Serger

By: Shooter
(Photos by Warlord)

FAL Operators Manual
By: Serger

Metric FAL Parts List
By: Serger

Fieldstripping and Cleaning the FAL Variant
By: Serger

Detail Stripping the FAL Variant Trigger Frame group
By: Serger

Detail stripping the FAL Variant Upper Receiver group
By: Serger

FAL Butt Stock Removal Tool
By: Serger

FAL Last Shot Hold Open mod
By: Shooter

Foreign Firearms:

Swedish Mauser model 1896
By: Mr. Poyz

By: Shooter
(Photos by Warlord)

Updated with Pictures!
By: Shooter

The SKS Rifle: Tales from Beyond the GunShow!!!
By: JonBot007

The AK Series of Arms

The AK-47
Updated with Pictures!
By: Shooter

"Three AK-47's"
Great real-life info on the SKS and AK variant rifles
By: Blade065

Using the AK-47 75-Round Drum
By: Solothurn

The MAS-36 in .308 Win.
By: Grunt

7.62 NATO Battle Rifles
By: Grunt

The Weatherby Vanguard
Bolt Action Rifle

By: JonBot007

Nato Cartridge Markings
By: Birddog

Carrying & Shooting:

Multi State Carry
By: Goshin

By: Kingpin

Practice with the Walther CP99
By: Bushman

A Concealed Carry Option
By: Serger

Range Tips
By: MtnCat

Lets Go Shootin'
By: Winchester

Shooting Aftermath
By: Diver923

Better Shooting Through B.R.A.S.S.
By: Levi

Shooting On The Move
By: Mark

CQB Shotgun
By: Winchester

The Eyes Have It
By: Goshawk

Concealed Carry
By: Blackhawk

Responsibilities Of A Concealed Carry Holder
By: Wheels

Florida Concealed Carry

Mil Dots
By: Gunner

Sniper Data Book (ZIPped Excel file)

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