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(Many MUCH more Advanced Alternative Energy articles are available inside the Rubicon.
This Area is for the VERY BASICS only)

Newer Articles:

Generator Sound Enclosure
By: Spitfire

Luci and LuminAid Inflatable Solar Lanterns
By: Gottin_Himmel

Remote Spotlight for Security
By: TexasOK

Emergency Power: Quick and Cheap
By: TooshieGalore

The Importance of Penalty Testing
By: Spitfire

PrePrep Gas Can Prep
By: Landwire

The Dangers of Complacencies
By: Landwire

Generator Synchronization
Is Your Generator Hurting You?
By: Eli

Carburetor Rebuild on a Briggs and Stratton Engine
By: Lou832

My FNV On The Coleman LED Quad Lantern
By: Sapereaude

Drying Clothes In A Hotel Room
By: Roto

Alt Power Battery Bank
Mixing Different Size And Age Batteries
By: Spitfire

Wind Turbines For You And Me... Small Scale Problems
By: Scarpup-dude

Compact Florescent Bulbs and Color Temperature
By: SpitFire

Micro Apartment Solar Power Set up
By: Thoth8 and Sekhmet

Battery Desulphator Experience
By: Spitfire

Save Money
By: Jaden

Solid State Relays - Controlling AC Circuits With DC Voltage
By: 2manytoyz

Trash Oil Lamp
By: Varsil

Fuel Storage for Bad Times
By: Scarpup-dude

Let There Be Light
By: Penwoman

Front Door Solar Security Light
By: AirBear

Making A Solar Cooker From A Satellite Dish
By: Thinwater

Old Time Windmills
By: ReadySet

Lifting Water - Part 3
By: ReadySet

Inverter Repair
By: 2manytoyz

Bleeding a Furnace Burner
By: Jaden

Protecting Gas Lines from Damage
By: Spitfire

Honda generator Storage Prep
Prevent a Plugged Carburetor
By: Expedition

Operating and Hooking up a full size range to a 20lb Propane Tank
By: Tinman

PRI-G Dose Rates
By: Northslope

Using the Wire Size Calculator
By: Spitfire

Using A Jump Pack
By: Jaden

Old-Style Mag-Lite Salvage
By: Sasquatch

The Lister Buggy
Portable Power Plant
By: Jaden

Washing Clothes With Alt-Power
By: 2manytoyz

220 VAC To 110 VAC Distribution Point
By: Jaden

220 Volt, 4 Prong Plug Wiring
By: Jaden

Automatic Blackout Switch
By: 2manytoyz

UPS Battery Replacement & Buzzer Removal
By: 2manytoyz

Battery Lug Crimper
By: 2manytoyz

Adding Wheels to the Yamaha EF2400iS Generator
By: DeathtoToasters

Adding A Generator Hour Meter & Tachometer
By: 2manytoyz

Grid Down Test One
By: Spitfire

Remote Battery Watering System
By: Navigator

Outback MX60 MPPT 60 Amp Charge Controller
By: Randomthoughts

Making Professional Quality Project Boxes
By: 2ManyToyz

New Alt Power Forklift Batteries
By: Warlord

Fuel Polisher for Diesel Storage

By: Fred

Lifting Water Through a Deep Well Pump
Updated: April 2007
By: ReadySet

Old Dry Cell Batteries
By: Jaden

Gasoline Shelf Life - Part II
By: Palindrome

Quieten That Generator!
By: Warlord

500 Watt Equivalent Flood Lights
By: Jaden

By: Pike

Building a Solar System? Save some $$
By: Jaden

Outdoor Wood Boiler Complaints
By: Jaden

Battery Bank on Wheels
By: WF.Wizard

Adding a Generator Hourmeter
By: Warthawg

Built In, Alternate Power Outlets
By: Jaden

Portable Power
By: eXe

The Xantrex 458 Inverter/Charger and the Link 1000 Controller
By: JYWolfe

Fixing Electrical Problems in Coleman Powermate Generators
By: Penwu

My Great Grandmotherís Lamps
By: Jaden

Moving Heat
By: Jaden

Faraday Flashlights
By: Kachina

Briggs & Stratton 5250 Watt Generator
By: TBird157

Alternate Cooking source
By: Pyrotech

Toning Down That Genny
By: Jaden

The Junk Generator Cart
By: Jaden

US General Thunderbolt Model 3708 Generator
By: GreyLocke

Portable Power
By: Forester

Generator Alternate Power Connections
By: Shogun

The Power Can
By: Jaden

Battery Bank from Free Batteries
By: SlimJim

A Battery/Charger Installation
By: smokeyjoe & myrtlemaye

Charging Gel-Cell Batteries
By: Jaden

Alternate Energy - My Start
By: Skid600

Alt Energy, Where to Start?
By: Warlord

Gasoline Shelf Life
By: Palindrome

Expired Batteries, 4-year Test
By: Jaden

Adjusting Oven Temperature
By: Jaden

Make A White LED Flashlight Bulb
By: Spitfire

Conservation's Role in Alternative Energy
By: CountryLady

Starting a Basic Generator (Real Media)
(Approx 840 KB)
By: Warlord

Gridless Power (do-it-yourself)
By: Ubi

Solar Oven test review
By: Ben

Outlets, Installing & Wiring
By: Jaden

DC Genny project
By: Hipshot

Alternative Energy Woes
By: Coyote

How to Begin an Alternative Energy Plan
By: CountryLady

Backup Power on the Freezer & Heat Tape
By: Jaden

Portable Power Center
By: RedDog

Expired Batteries
By: Jaden

Mounting Solar Panels
By: eXe

Battery Storage and carry
By: Hikage and Forester

Wiring Your Bug Out Camper For Solar
By: Warlord

Bad Hydrometer Or Battery?
By: Jaden

Gasoline Storage Practices
By: TailGunner

Portable Solar & Wind System
By: MacGuyver

Coleman Oven
By: Jaden

Pre-wiring The Spare Inverter
By: Jaden

Battery Station
By: Jaden

Propane Connections
By: Jaden

Solar Panels In The Field
By: Pointman

Rechargeable Batteries
By: Requa

Battery Storage
By: Hikage

Human-Powered Generator
By: Protectmyfamafter911

Portable Solar Panel Array Brackets
By: Blizzard

Gen-Set Maintenance
By: Pike

Understanding AC
By: KingPin

Solar Power, Our Evolution
By: Warlord

Clamps For Solar Panels
By: Warlord

Testing and Cleaning your Batteries
By: Eli

Making an Inverter Bracket
By: Eli

Fluorescent Lighting
By: Warlord

Power for Electrical Devices for Prime Movers
How to Figure Your Needs

By: Serger

Battery Bank Storage
By: Eli & JW

Mobile Solar Panel Stands
By: Marcinko

PVC Solar Setup
By: ArJay

Portable Power Supply
By: MotorMan

Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers
By: Tailgunner

Battery Connections
By: Stryder

What's a Gauge for wires?
By: Sitkastan

Solely Solar
By: Warlord

G76-DC Man Powered Generator
By: WhiteWolf

Alternate Cooking
By: Pooch

Modular Solar.. Tying It All Together
By: Warlord & PaleHorse

RV Refrigerator Maintenance
By: Serger

Coleman Stoves
By: Serger

ABC's Of Solar Power and Batteries
By: Warlord

Meter Reading
By: Stryder

Chinese Tallow Tree
By: Sarge

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