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Welcome to Alpha's newest section! This section will explore primitive skills as they apply to emergency wilderness situations.

(MANY more Primitive Skills Articles can be found in the Rubicon Areas)


Newer Articles:

Rotating Composter: Rich Soil 10 Days
By: TooshieGalore

The Crayon Emergency Candle
By: Landwire

Wooden Match Storage Bottle
By: Landwire

DE vs Ants
By: Pistolshooter

Make Your Own Candied Citrus Peel
By: Gottin_Himmel

A Lesson in Facta Non Verba:
Making an Oil Candle in the Kitchen

By: Gottin_Himmel

Stop! Don't Throw That Orange Peel Away
By: Gottin_Himmel

An Improved Alcohol Stove Design
By: Grundy

Adding a Patina to a Carbon Steel Knife Blade
By: gvi

How Much Is Your Time Worth?
By: Countrymouse

Basic Fire Starters
By: Landwire

MRE Effects: An Overview
By: Monte

How to Build a Rocket Stove from Empty Cans
By: Lindy

The Portable Library and the Game Box
By: gvi

How To: Make Your Own Natural Laundry Detergent for Pennies
By: DarkLaw

CamelBak Rotation For Summer Time
By: AlexWesten

Secret Storage Places
Creative Storage
By: Vikis

Corona Grain Mill Test
With Results
By: Nakhota

Vegetable Seed Storage Test Results
By: Tengu

Storm Proofing An EZ Up Shelter
By: drstevedc

Boot Jack
Remove Boots With Ease
By: Jaden

Care and Feeding TIPS for your Tools
By: Windwalkersc

Drying Herbs 101
(Part #1)
By: Mysticraven

Bird and Squirrel Trapping
By: Duckman

Rocket Stove
By: Mech1

Tea of a Different Kind
By: Penwoman

How to Make Saddle Soap
By: Vertex

Aiming Off

Spike's Pathfinder Fishing Kit
By: Spike

Wood Burning 101
By: Wheatland

Survival in a Sardine Can
By: Unklebeau

Trailer Vise
By: Jaden

Portable Water Heater Modification
The NERF Shower
By: Jaden

Chickens Donít Eat Ice Pops
A water heater for small live stock
By: BackDoc

Build a Well Bucket
By: Spitfire

Making Biltong
By: frogcat

Natureís Refrigerator
Thinking Out of the Box
By: Jaden

Snow Shoe Basics
By: Jaden

Noodles for jugging
By: Duckman

Canning Smoked Sausage
By: Osage

IC 2008
International Campout
By: Jaden

Survival Tips 101
By: R-squared

By: Preplady

What I Take Into the Bush
By: Buckshot

Honey Extraction
This is cool... and tasty too!
By: Jaden

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
By: Jaden

Fire From Plastic
Never Be Cold Again
By: Auflister_geliebte

Fireworks, When Things Go Wrong
By: Jaden

Toilet Flush Valve Replacement
By: Jaden

Jackhammer Operation
By: Jaden

Genie Man Lift
By: Jaden

The Rubiconís International Campout
By: Jaden

Bit & Brace
By: Jaden

Primitive Bathing
By: Jaden

Homemade Hatchet for My Boy
By: Terry

Let There be Light
By: nuckingfutz

Basic Hydroponics
By: Gman

Building My Raised Planting Beds
By: Umbriel

Knife throwing - A primer for a dying art
By: Arkit2

Changing a Maul Handle
By: Jaden

Wood Splitter Operations
By: Jaden

Recycling Lumber and Nails
By: Jaden

Lures for Pan fish
By: DuckMan

Right On the Money
By: SleeperNo1

No Knead Bread
By: Azgard

Easy Bread "No Knead"
By: Stella

Canning Soft Cheese
By: Pyrotech

You and your machete
By: IronMike

Canning Butter
By: fkat

Making Up An Anchor Line
By: Jaden

Simple Wasp Trap
By: 2manytoyz

Making a Fish Net
By: AFarmer

Hot Waxing Leather Sheaths
By: OhCanada

Making a simple leather sheath
By: SgtBlade

Keeping a Garden Journal: Learning from Mistakes and Successes
By: Alaskana

The Sourdough Experiment
By: Pyrotech

Recycled Firestarters
By: Kachina

Laundry When the Wash Machineís Out
By: gvi

Chillin' Out
By: Stella

High Capacity Solar Still
By: Uplandhillfarm

Basic Soapmaking
By: Moriah

Hunting in Post Fan Environment
By: Stoney

Poultry FAQs by request
Compiled By: AFarmer

How to Make a Dog Vomit
By: Peanut

Cool season crops
By: StudentNurse

Making Apple Leather
By: ThePiedPiper

Crisp Bread
By: Spitfire

Gardening in pots
By: Hayseed

The Pros and Cons of Keeping Livestock
(Part 2)
By: MoonMist

The Pros and Cons of Keeping Livestock
(Part 1)
By: MoonMist

Rabbits as Livestock
By: AFarmer

Using Hand Tools
By: Jaden

Not Quite Survival Fishing
By: Hickory

Toilet Paper Alternatives
By: Raine

Kennel Your Dog
By: AFarmer

Archery Equipment for the Survivalist
By: Stoney

Growing Sprouts
By: Tailgunner

Herb Preservation
By: Ian

Cookie Wood
By: Jaden

Poultry Containments
By: AFarmer

Starting a Food Stock
By: Reddog

Maximizing Your Storage Food Nutrition
By: LabLover

Making the case for "primitive" survivalist methods
By: Ajax

Guinea Pigs as Survival Livestock
By: AFarmer

Self-Supporting Poultry Farming
By: AFarmer

Poultry in The City
By: AFarmer

Soap Making for Dummies
By: AFarmer

Hand Milled Soap
By: Vertex

The Official ETO Survival Bucket
By: EndTimeObserver

How Many Canning Jars?
By: alaskana

Sterno Stoves
By: Crazy J

Fire Starting With AA Batteries
By: Jaden

Jerkey made simple
By: anachronism

Wise Tips
By: StudentNurse

Basic Self-Sufficiency #1 - FOOD
By: CountryLady

Basic Self-Sufficiency #2 - CLEANERS
By: CountryLady

Cold Frames
By: Stallion

Why I Use Epsom Salt in the Garden
By: LL4e

Finding Firewood In The Rain
By: Jaden

Critter Care
By: AFarmer

Edible Landscaping for Preppers (Part 1)
By: LabLover

Edible Landscaping Plants-Section 1-Berries
By: LabLover

Edible Landscaping Plants-Section 2-Veggies
By: LabLover

A Civil War Survival Story
By: Homesteader

Vegetable Seed Storage and Germination Testing
By: LabLover

Lamp Oil and Wick Burn Time
By: Mamabear

Cook Rack
By: Jaden

Jar Candles
By: Nerisa

Intro To Wheat
By: Homesteader

Moving Chickens
By: NightWind and MacGuyver

Grain Rotation
By: Osage

By: RedDawn

BOB Sewing Kit
By: Nerisa

Brewster Gets His Teeth Brushed
By: Forester

Sprouting Basics
By: Homesteader

Canning Butter
By: Vertex

By: Navigator

Making Soap
By: Vertex

Stalking the Wild Veggies
By: Rivendell

By: Vertex

Retreat's Water Well
By: Buckshot

Starting a fire in a throw away society
By: Movingman

Speed Rusting SteelWool
By: Jaden

The 2 Dollar Blow Gun
By: Chief

Non-electric survival gardening
By: CountryMouse

Build Your Own Hoe
By: Jaden

How Much Garden Is Enough?
By: Tailgunner

Stealth Gardening
By: Swabbie

Micro Climates For Gardening
By: Swabbie

Making Candles
By: Solar

Getting The Most From Your Candles
By: Solar

Bean Planting
By: Eli

Minimal Wilderness Survival Kit
By: Recycler

Team Bean Garden
By: Eli

Hunting When it Counts
By: Buckshot

Hunting & Cleaning Deer
By: Buckshot

Survival Trapping
By: Buckshot

Survival Fishing
By: Buckshot

Making Cheese
By: Dragoona

Improvised Seating With a Towel and Para-cord
By: RollingHitch

Quinzee (Part 1)
aka - Snow Cave

By: Trigger

Snow Trenches (Part 2)
By: Trigger

Debris Hut
By: Narrowboat

Tanning Leather
By: Dragoona

The Basics Of Tracking
By: DragonFly

Axe Sharpening (Canuck Style)
By: Hawkeye

Ulu Made Easy
By: Sgt.Splatter

Egg Storage Report
By: Blackhawk

Raising Rabbits
By: Pointman

The Wyoming Saw
By: Serger

What's in a Bushel?
By: Sitkastan

Why Hunters Should Support Trapping
By: Buckshot

Going Early American
By: WingNutt

By: Eli

Drying Food
By: Serger

Canning Meats and Stews
By: Mrs. Hillbilly

Knife Making
By: Serger

Homestead Fencing
By: Migalo

Tea Light Candle
By: Powder Dry

Oil Lamps
By: Stryder

Making Mozzarella Cheese
By: NightWind

Fish Trap
By: Wab

Knife Sharpening
By: KingPin

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