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(Many MUCH more Advanced NBC and Shelter/Safe-room articles are available inside the Rubicon.
This Public area is for the VERY BASICS only)

Safe Room Squirrel Cage Fan
The "Fan In A Can"
Anthrax and Smallpox Protection
By: Warlord

Safe Room Squirrel Cage Fan (Part 2)
Improved "Fan In A Can"
By: Warlord

Newer Articles:

Geiger Counter Calibration
By: wmerrin

Quick Look: GQ GMC-300EPlus Geiger Counter
By: wmerrin

Industrial Chemical Threats
By: R-squared

Radiation Threats
By: R-squared

Radiation Unit Conversion
What Do the Numbers on My Dosimeter Mean?
By: MountainMedic

MSA Bitrex Qualitative Fit Test Kit For Chemical Respirators
By: bunkerbob

Radiation Gear
Inside a CD-V742 Dosimeter
By: Spitfire

A HazMat Prep Reminder
Be prepared and aware at all times
By: TennFSAR

Initial Radiation From Simple Bombs
By: Radiological71

X-Ray Vaults
By: Radiological71

Things I've Learned From Mexican Swine Flu
A Personal Debrief
By: Island Girl

Alpha and Beta Ranges
By: Radiological71

Radiation Protectors
By: Radiological71

Storable Bucket Decontamination
De-Con Station
By: Thoth8

Extended Camp Water Supply
De-Con Station
By: Navigator

Modern Dosimetry of Gamma Emitters
By: Radiological71

Natural Background Gamma Radiation
What to expect for a zero reading
By: Radiological71

Penetration of Different Types of Radiation
By: Radiological71

Radiation Limits
By: Radiological71

Isolation Rooms, Flu, Soap And Cleaners
By: Entropy

How to Make Your Own Skin Decontaminating Kit (Part 1)
By: gvi

Avian Influenza
By: Medicineman

A Journal of the Plague Year (In Word Doc Format)
Converted to Doc format by: Navigator

Latest Positive Pressure HEPA Filter
By: Spitfire

Modeling Influenza in Households
Highlights From an Influenza Seminar Attended
Submitted By: Lablover

Fit test those N100’s
By: Roadgrime

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bomb?
By: gvi

The NBC-1 Report, and Why You Ought To Know It
By: gvi

Disposable AOSafety Mask
By: Jon

Pandemic Phases, Triggers, and Response
By: Fairplay

The Dirty Bomb Myth
(Originally Written in December of 2003.. PROVEN in November of 2006)
(Updated Again 11 December 2006)
By: Warlord

Radiation Reporting/Monitoring
By: Warlord

Get to know your radiation!
By: cairn

Kvarts DRGB-90 Handy Dosimeter
By: Warlord

Bathroom Contamination
By: Shogun

Kvarts DRSB-01 Geiger Counter
By: MarkinVA

WMV Video of Kvarts DRSB-01 Geiger Counter
(Approx 5 megs)
By: Warlord

Wind, Fallout, and Toxic Gasses
By: Thoth8

Franken-Fan Test Results #2
By: Dementor

Lysol & Paper Currency
By: Jaden

NBC GEAR: What If The Biggest Suit Won't Fit?
By: ThePiedPiper

Fan in a can for apartment dwellers
By: Thoth8

defense perimeter from West Nile and other diseases
By: Chief

HEPA Blower Lifespan Test
By: Spitfire

June 9th 2005 EMP Congress Report/Record
(Page 1 of 6)
(PDF Format)
Submitted By: Blizzard and Beachdoc

June 9th 2005 EMP Congress Report/Record
(Page 2 of 6)
(PDF Format)
Submitted By: Blizzard and Beachdoc

Fan In A Can - In A Car
By: Chief

Quarantine Commo
By: Warlord

Brief Review of Decontamination Solutions
By: Haumana

Safe room Air Intake Placement
By: Powder Dry

Lysol Questions From The Board
By: The Rubicon Message Boards

Tyvek Suit and N100 Facemask
By: Spitfire

New HEPA Filter (Part one)
By: Spitfire

Avian Influenza (H5N1) Preparations
By: Fairplay

Dosimeter Chargers and Pens (Low Quality, Real Media)
(Approx 229 KB)
By: Warlord

NBC SOP (In "rtf" Format)
By: Haumana

Chemical Stockpile Disaster Simulation
By: CharlieMike

Mass Casulty and Blast Trauma
By: OKmedic23

Bio-Terrorism, some basic information
By: Brian

Survival After A Nuclear Event
By: Homesteader

Important Nuclear Info
By: Warlord

A Beginner’s Guide to Nerve Agents
By: BeachDoc

Radiation Protection For The Unprepared
By: Homesteader

Radiation Protection Calculations
By: Centurion

By: Ajax

Drinking tube modifications for the Israel M15 Gas Mask

Safe Room Door
By: eXe

Water Containers
By: Jaden

CERT: Learning To Save Lives (Part 5)
By: Hikage

Dirty Bomb Threats
By: Homesteader

CERT: Learning To Save Lives (Part 4)
By: Hikage

Some Nuclear Facts
By: Warlord

CERT: Learning To Save Lives (Part 3)
By: Hikage

Quick Safe Room Test
By: eXe

Testing Nuclear Detectors
By: Warlord

CERT: Learning To Save Lives (Part 2)
By: Hikage

The Plague
By: Bulldog6

AN-PDR 27 Survey meter
By: Serger

SARS Equipment
By: Warlord

Fitting Your Protective Mask
By: Skid600

Storing Your Protective mask
By: Skid600

Clearing and Sealing Your Protective Mask
By: Skid600

Your MOPP Gear
By: Skid600

SafeRooms, What No One Tells You
By: Warlord

Bio Threats and Filtration
By: PaleHorse

Chemical Agents and Weapons
By: PaleHorse

HomeMade Barometer for SafeRooms
By: Warlord

Testing Your Gasmask For Fit and Function
By: Crom

5 Gallon Bucket Filter
By: Requa

Various Gas Masks, filters, etc
By: Sarge
(If you have a GasMask question, this article should answer it!)

First SafeRoom Test
By: Green

Another SafeRoom Test
By: Warlord & The Girlies

SafeRooms, What's Working
By: Warlord

By: Millwright

N.C. Program for Infection Control
Submitted By: Beachdoc

By: Alamoguy

CERT: Learning To Save Lives (Part 1)
By: Hikage

The Demon In The Freezer

By: Californian

MOPP Suit Sizing
By: Stryder

Pump Air Filter
By: Warlord

Survival Quiz #4... Test Your Knowledge
By: Warlord & Sentinel

Survival Quiz #3... Test Your Knowledge
By: Warlord & Dbrown

Test Your Knowledge Of Nuclear Fallout (#2)
By: Warlord & Dbrown

Test Your Knowledge Of Nuclear Fallout (#1)
By: Warlord & Dbrown

By: Fuchi

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