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This Month's Featured Reviews

Buckshot's Survivor Series (Volume 2)

Pokerface (Music and info CD)

Legends and Reality of the AK
By Val Shilin & Charlie Cutshaw




Pokerface (Music & Video CD)




Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War

The ARRL 2003 Handbook

The ARRL Book

Uncommon Sense


Blood-Lust Chickens and Renegade Sheep


Fighting Skills Of The SAS

Legends and Reality of the AK


Street Smarts, Firearms, Personal Security

Close Combat (US Marine Corps)


Special Forces Guerrilla Warfare Manual

The Bug Book


The Modern Identity Changer

Scanner Modifications and Antennas


Up Yours (Revenge)

High Tech Harassment (revenge)


Buckshot's Modern Trapping Guide

The Revenge Book


The Revenge Series

Real World Self Defense


The Ultimate Sniper

The International Fugitive


Alternate ID Aquisition

Mary Bell's "Just Jerky"


Boston On Surviving Y2K

Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cookbook


Contingency Cannibalism

Peterson Field Guides


Ditch Medicine

PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman


Electronic Circuits & Secrets of an Old-Fashioned Spy

Techniques In Countersurveillance


Fight at Night

The Basement Bugger's Bible


Life After Doomsday

The Ultimate Internet Outlaw


Live Off The Land In City And Country

Other Good Survival books




WSI's Tracking video


WSI's "Sniper" Video


Restraint and Control For Security Industry Professionals


The Leading Edge


Get Even, The Video


Advanced Fighting With Firearms


Buckshot's Survival Trapping Videos


Street Sambo


Tactical Pistol


The Tactical Baton

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